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Component Request

Hi Developers,

I am working with my thesis this year. It is about optimized solar public charging station in which I've seen partsim to be one of the great tool that can simulate this simple system that I have. The only thing that I've been hoping is that to have a solar panel component is partsim in which the technological development on solar panels are very active. 

I've seen this link regarding PSpice 

link here->


I don't on how this will be integrated to partsim but I believe partsim is based on PSpice and NGspice. 

I hope this will be doable in partsim. 

Solar PV component and also if it still possible a simple Battery Component.

With that simple components, I'm sure this will revolutionised the web. 

Once again.

Congratulation to Partsim Developers.

God Bless.



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Thank you for the recommendation Neil. I will review the information you sent, and if possible, we will add some Solar/PV cells to the library.


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