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Thanks to the PartSim team !

After 45 years, 

now I discover the iNet Spice from PartSIM / DigiKey !!!

Have run  20 OpAmp Filter stages sequenced at one time ! 

Cumulative Q, f() shifting, sequential loading, stage interactions are right on. 

Can order all parts in one BOM ! 

Absolutely great on this old Linux PC ! 

Wonderful Tool !    

The    "Resize to Extents"    is great !!! 

Please kill automatic    "Use Shift + Enter for New Line"   

as it is covering my text notes during keyboard entry. 

Might fit better in the little  Right-Shift Help Window.  

Thanks to the PartSim team ! 

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We need to keep that tip there. I can't tell you have many times we have had to answer questions about "how can I insert a new line".

We could make it a delay though, so that it goes away after a second or 2.

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