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        Could I get an estimate of the effort expended to produce the tool that currently exists? It's great. I think adoption can increase with a few feature additions :

Provide a "Fit" function - that is zoom to the extents - so that the components placed take up as much of the viewing space as possible. Bind this to the "f" key.

Provide a wire function that the user launches to connect terminals with. Currently the function is achieved by click and drag starting with a terminal. ESC should terminate running commands.

Provide Stretch and Move commands - Stretch will not disconnect. While a command is running, right-click and middle-click (scrollwheel) should provide additional functionality that could be further enhanced with SHIFT and CTRL keys. For example - ways to rotate components and mirror-flip them, etc.

Provide a log area where all commands the user uses to interact with the editor are logged so that some of them can be collected up into Macros and bound to keyboard shortcuts.

(Many, many more)

So, in short, we'd like Cadence :) 

All I'm looking for is estimates so we have an idea of what it'll take to get what users will love.


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I appreciate your desire to have cadence online, but that is not our goal. I've used Concept myself, and it's a great tool, but we are after a different audience. 

Some of your suggestions are much more likely. A Fit function would be quite doable, and I will add that to our task queue. 

We have no plans to re-work our wiring to be keyboard based, or 'modal' as you describe. I don't see that happening, sorry. Simplicity is our goal. 


Ed Henderson

Partsim Development Manager

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